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Exhibit Guidelines


Shipments of booth and materials may only be received 3 days prior to your function. You may ship to the following address:

Wenatchee Convention Center
121 N. Wenatchee Avenue
Wenatchee, WA 98801

All packages should be properly marked with Group name and contact, event name and total number of items. Please be sure to issue call tags for all materials to be shipped back. At the end of the function, the vendor is responsible to schedule pickup of booth and materials.

Shipments must be moved to the Sales and Catering office of the Convention Center after your show. The Wenatchee Convention Center is not responsible for shipping of any items. You must make prior arrangements if items will not be picked up the next day after your event. The Center agrees to normal and reasonable deliveries of packages or other items. For delivery of items outside the norm, the Center reserves the right to impose appropriate services charges.

The Convention Center does not provide forklifts or a pallet jack for moving items from the back loading dock or Catering office to booth. If you should need these additional items, please contact the coordinator of the event. They will need to make outside arrangements. The Convention Center does have carts that, if available, can hold 50 lbs. or less. Please check in with the Catering Office to sign out a cart if needed. Doorposts cannot be removed without prior approval. If you have a large item, please contact the Catering office 7 days in advance.

Alterations / Tampering of Convention Center Equipment

No alterations or changes to the Convention Center shall be made without prior approval from the Catering office. Alterations in this policy include, but are not limited to movement of interior plants or furnishings, movement of equipment, alterations to ceilings, walls or windows. No one may tamper with power plugs, power drops, power cords, spider boxes, or sound equipment.


In order to attach a banner, sign or poster board to the wall, you must only use painter’s tape or poster putty. Duct tape, masking tape, nails, and tacks are not acceptable. The Convention Center does not provide painters tape or poster putty, but if needed, please see the Catering office and they can direct you to the local office supply stores. If you need assistance hanging items that do not need the lift, please contact the Catering office and they will contact banquet staff to assist you. If adhesive is used, a fee will be charged.

Power / Phone Lines / Special Requests

You must contact the Convention Center prior to the event if you have special power needs, phone line/internet access or any other requests that are not included with your booth. The Convention Center does not provide extension cords or special end plugs for power of any type. You must provide your own to match the outlets. Should you have questions regarding the outlet configuration please call the Convention Center.

Should you need a phone line with long distance capabilities, it will be brought in by a local company and you will need to make payment arrangements directly with the phone company. Estimated charge is $100.00 per day. A phone line to make local calls/800 #’s would be $25.00, one time charge. These lines are first come, first serve as availability is limited. Payment arrangements for phone lines are made through the Catering office directly.

Additional Exhibitor Services / Utilities

Convention Center reserves the exclusive right to provide internet/phone lines, electrical services contracted through an electrician, air/water/drain services. Additional services that need requests are banners that need to be hung and center posts from doors that need to be removed. It must be a Convention Center staff or City maintenance that removes the door posts and operates the lift. Such services shall be provided to the vendor/exhibitor upon receipt of a written notice and the vendor/exhibitor will be charged accordingly. The Convention Center must have 4 weeks prior written notice/request from the vendor/exhibitor.

Vehicles & Propane Tanks

Gasoline powered vehicles may be displayed provided they are in full working order with an empty gas tank. A locking gas cap must be installed or the tank must be adequately sealed in some other appropriate manner. All battery cables must be disconnected and taped to avoid potential sparks. Fuel is to be dispensed or removed with appropriate safety equipment. Vehicle must have a cover underneath to protect carpet. Propane tanks may not exceed 2 gallons. All electrical equipment must be UL approved and gasoline engines must be AGA approved. Installation of such equipment must be pre-approved by the Convention Center. If you have questions, please contact our Catering Department.

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